Intermission - The American Dollar - A Memory Stream

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  1. Sep 05,  · The American Dollar is more ambient-driven than some of its other post-rock contemporaries, and sometimes they can have dull moments. However, that's not to take away from what's a good album here. The duo is even more consistent this time around, featuring minimalist type keyboards surrounded by soaring guitars/5(4).
  2. We had a couple of CD's in a while back by The American Dollar. Here's their new one which cost us more than the previous releases due to the American Dollar (not the band). Their new CD is called 'A Memory Stream' and it's more of the same epic post rock with lots of Sigur Ros and some Morr Music 8/10(1).
  3. Starscapes (A Memory Stream) - The American Dollar. Top Songs By The American Dollar. TRACK. ARTIST. Signaling Through The Flames (Ambient) Signaling Through The Flames (Ambient) The American Dollar. The American Dollar. Anything You Synthesize (A Memory Stream).
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