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  2. Having a little bit of solvent in a floor epoxy isn't such a bad thing. Solvents help the epoxy flow off the roller, expand working time, etc. An epoxy that is 93% solids has 7% solvent and will shrink down about 7%, an amount so small you will not notice it nor will you probably be able to smell that small .
  3. Aug 18,  · It seemed to work out well. Todays portion of the project simply entailed laying 2 segments of CSM, each about 5" x 15". Since they were so small, I simply rolled them up, dunked them in the epoxy I had mixed in a plastic bowl, and once they were completely soaked unrolled them, removed the excess resin, and applied them.
  4. nation of shrink problems from the bond line. When MAS Epoxies are used for a chemical resistant barri-er (barrier coating) the inished coating system has excellent resistance to water uptake (below.5%) and the user can be conident that subsequent inishes will stick to the new epoxy and the epoxy .
  5. Clean Epoxies off all skin surfaces as soon as possible Mix Epoxies in small quantities Use Epoxies on only clean and sound substrates Use a clean pail to mix your Epoxy in Use a drill mixer of proper size to mix your epoxy with Do use the right product for the right job.
  6. Vibra-TITE offers a wide range of bonding products including Epoxies, Hot-melts, Urethane, and MMA's designed to meet a variety of assembly requirements.

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